Friday Funnies


                                Today is my special edition of Studio C

Today I will be posting  my top 3 favorite Studio C short 3-4 minutes videos. I really like the original Studio  C cast so these will be of the original cast. 


This is a great video to watch if your really really bored or if you have a TON of homework and don’t want to do it.

This one is really funny if you have never seen it I REALLY RECOMEND IT! If only Go-Pros were really like this. It would be so funny if we wore these at school and watched them at the end of the day.

This is an amazing one I love how Witney plays this charter. SO FUNNY!😂 There are two other videos with this charter if you want to see more.

Tell me in the comments witch one is your favorite. 😄

What is my dream bedroom?


It would be so cool to design my own bedroom. It would be cool because I could choose where it is, how big I want it and what  would be inside it.

My first must have for a room would be a really pretty view out of big windows. The view I would want would be of my backyard  A private beach with many palm trees. Sea View through Window at the Beach, Halfmoon Bay, Jamaica Stock Image -  Image of blue, destinations: 111242681I would want to have a view of a beach because I love to paint and I could paint my view without even leave the comport of my room.

My second thing that I would want is a swing bed. I would want a bed swing because it is cute and you could swing on it.

The third the thing that would be a must have would be a pool or hot tube in my room. I would like this because it is a great way to destress and relax.

Pros and cons of middle school

Middle school can be rough sometimes but it can teach you some really important life lessons.Draper Park Middle School to close, transition to online classes for 2 weeks Everyone has to go through it to get to high school and beyond.  Some Cons are all the homework, peoples attitudes ,and all the drama. But some pros that come with it are new knowledge, Friends, and memories. During COVID-19, underperforming school districts have no excuse for  standstill on student learningEven though times are tough and its rough all over enjoy your youth and the memories that come with cause it won’t last forever.

The end of the world Part 1 Chapter 2 ( Free Write)

The day started like this…

I woke up suddenly breathing heavily from a nightmare that I  couldn’t remember. The only thing I did remember was being very alone like the only one in the universe. Once I realized that I was safe and it was only a dream, I felt my covers as I took in a sigh of relief. My room was quiet and dark. I looked at my alarm clock 1 minute before it would ring I lied back and said, are you kidding me one more minute. UGGGG! I rolled over off my bed, my face hitting on the old smelling carpet. As my socks skidded against the floor causes static electricity going up my spine, I grabbed the bottom of the bed frame and the shock hit up through my pointer finger I fly back and grab my finger. ” Ouch!” I said angrily at my bed. I stood up and turned around and looked at my reflection. My greasy-brown hair was in a high bun the few blond strands going down on my face. My black mascara still left over from yesterdays make up dripped down my cheek.I looked into those bright blue eyes above that dark mascara they looked scared fearful from the dream. Was it real I thought as I kept looking into my pupulis. I wasn’t sure…

Great Gift Guide

Do you have a Birthday, Holiday, or fun party with gifts coming up soon, and  have know clue what to give them. Well let me help, here is a gift guide for girl teens that they would love for any occasion. Well for starters teen girls like thoughtful kind gifts. Here is a list with 10 things that any teen girl would love.                                                         1.  Make up

2. Portable phone charger

3. Cute vans

4.  Crop tops

5. Jewelry

6. Curling irons/straighteners ( For your hair)

7.  Air pods

8 . Newest  iphone

9 . Trip to the solion

10. Money

Hopefully this will help you the next time you need to get a gift for someone.

What do I think about my name?

 The name Myla means “soldier” and “merciful.” It is a variation of Mila and the feminine version of Milo or Myles. Origin: Myla may be considered the feminine version of Milo, which has German roots and means “soldier” or “merciful.”  I think my name is unique and different witch is how everyone is. I have only ever meet two people with the same name as me so I am grateful for my name.


My favorite fictional character

Katniss Everdeen 

My favorite fictional Charter by far is the one and only Katniss Everdeen. She is from the Book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins it is the life changing story of Katniss Everdeen surviving these games. The Hunger games are a series of games every year where each of the 12 Districts send one Young Man and woman ages 12-18 to fight to the death in a arena. The controlling capital says its for pride and honour but is it really? As Katniss Everdeen tries to survive these games she really sees why they do these to the citizens of Panem. She now knows how she needs to stop the capital to save the future generation.

The End of the world Chapter 1(Free write)

Chapter 1 

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if it ended? Some Say it will end by a zombie apocalypse. Others say it will end by aliens abduction or when the sun explodes, but I know what really ends it. Natural disasters will pile-up until there’s only one small island left that used to be the tallest mountain in the world. Some say this mountain touched the small twinkling lights in the dark sky. The way to get to this mountain is a hard and treacherous journey. It’s filled with many dangerous animals, poisonous plants, and the most common effect on the bravest humans who wish to make it to these enchanted mountains is DEATH! Now theday the world ended was like any other. I never knew that the morning Iwoke up would be the last time in my bed. I didn’t knowthat morning when I hugged my parents would be the last time I ever saw them. I didn’t know that when I dropped my little brother and saw my older sister at the school gate would be the last time I would ever see them. How could I and who deserved this, losing their family friends and for most, their life. The day started like this…

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